Statement Savings

A savings account that is easy to access and offers  a competitive rate.
Let us help you earn more on your money!


*Annual Percentage Yield. Rate is variable and may change after the account is opened. Rate is current as of today’s date and is subject to change. $100.00 minimum deposit required to open account. Minimum daily balance** required to obtain APY is $100.00. Fees could reduce earnings.

$2.00 monthly service charge if daily balance requirement of $100.00 is not maintained. Interest is compounded and credited semi-annually. No minimum balance is required for customers age 18 or younger.

Transfers from this type of account to another account or to a third parties by preauthorized or automatic transfer are limited to six per calendar month. Limited withdrawals include auto transfer from Savings into another account, checks payable to 3rd party, debit card transactions, transfers made to another account of same depositor made by automatic transfer, ACH, telephone, fax, or internet banking. Transactions in person or at an ATM are not limited.

** Daily Balance. The amount of principal in the account each day.

Club Accounts

Whether saving money for that well-deserved Vacation, for the Christmas you are dreaming of, or Property Taxes; Elderton State Bank has a solution for you. Open a Club Account today!

  • Vacation Club (pays in May)
  • Christmas Club (pays in October)
  • Property Tax Club (pays in August)

Make deposits in any amount, as often as you like, or have a pre-determined amount automatically deducted from your Elderton State Bank Checking Account.